Service support

Technical support service hours

Monday to Saturday  8:00 am ~ 12:00 am, 13:30 pm ~ 17:30 pm (no Including national holidays)

Technical support method


Technical support range (pre-sales and after-sales)

Pre-sale range

1. Product software and hardware function technical consultation
2. New technology demand assessment and monitoring plan design
3. Product promotion and product introduction service

Pre-sale range

1. Product failure judgment and after-sales maintenance service follow-up
2. Product installation technical guidance
3. Problems in the use of software and hardware of the product

Product Service Terms and Conditions

This after-sales service policy becomes effective when you purchase the V-Vehicle products. Weishi Electronics hereby declares: Weishi has the right to the after-sales service policy from time to time according to its own business development needs, and Weishi will not notify each customer one by one regarding the above s. When you have any objection to the after-sales service you enjoy, please refer to the service policy published on the official website of Weishi Electronics!

1. After-sales service content

1. The after-sales service of the product is divided two categories: within the warranty period and outside the warranty period.
2. After-sales conditions are divided free warranty conditions and paid maintenance conditions.

2. Definition during the warranty period

The following conditions are free warranty and free repairs are available
1. Car monitors, cameras, mobile power supplies, and electronic fences are repaired free of charge for one year (except for wiring harnesses and accessories).
2. Three-year free maintenance for vehicle warning lights and working lights (except for wiring harnesses and accessories).
3. Products or parts that have been repaired or replaced within the scope of the warranty will continue to enjoy warranty service during the remaining warranty period. If the remaining warranty period is less than 6 months, it will be calculated as 6 months .

3. Definition outside the warranty period

The following conditions do not belong to the free warranty and can provide paid repairs
1. Products beyond the stipulated warranty period
2. Damage caused by deliberate or negligence, including use in abnormal environments,damage caused by use not in accordance with the instructions, etc.< br /> 4. Unexpected situations caused by force majeure (such as fire, flood, earthquake, lightning, etc.)
5. Social problems (such as: unrest, war, strike, government control, etc.) caused deterioration of service conditions
6. Failure or damage caused by third-party products, software, services or actions
7. Unstandardized installation of the product or damage to the product caused by human factors, such as water ingress, deformation of impact, screen breakage, wire breakage, etc. of non-waterproof products
8. The lack of proper maintenance of the equipment causes damage to the equipment caused by the equipment being exposed to an unfavorable working environment for a long time. Or equipment failure and damage caused by normal wear, aging and long-term fatigue strength.
9. Products that cannot be restored due to disassembly or replacement of components and devices.
10. Products damaged due to improper packaging or transportation operations during the process of returning faulty parts.

Four. About product return for repair

Due to product failure, damage or other abnormal phenomena during the trial process, please call the after-sales service department of Weishi Electronics to communicate with the engineer to confirm the problem before sending it back for repair , To avoid unnecessary freight losses and cycle delays caused by fault judgment errors.

5. Maintenance timeliness

After receiving the repaired product, we will arrange an engineer to perform detection and failure analysis on the same day. We will repair or replace it in a short time and Send back. The general failure maintenance cycle is 7 working days (excluding logistics time). For products that cannot be repaired in a short time due to special failures, we will communicate with the user separately and confirm the maintenance cycle.