Aviation Safety Warning Light
Aviation Safety Warning Light
Aviation Safety Warning Light
Aviation Safety Warning Light
Aviation Safety Warning Light

Aviation Safety Warning Light


Fully sealed, vacuum, filled with nitrogen
Patented design of pressure relief valve
IP69K waterproof rating
24 high-brightness 1 watt LEDs
3pcs professional optical design ABS plating reflector
High transmittance polycarbonate protection dome
International civil aviation ICAO low light intensity standard
LED aluminum circuit board
Heat dissipation aluminum alloy column
Heat dissipation aluminum alloy base
304 stainless steel bracket
Cold-resistant waterproof power cable
GPS clock signal flashes synchronously
Intelligent light control day/night off and on
IZOD notched impact strength: 90
Built-in reverse polarity, LED constant current, wide voltage and load-dump pulse voltage protection circuit

●IP69K waterproof grade aviation obstacle LED beacon light
●Fully sealed, vacuum, filled with nitrogen to prevent fogging
With all-weather outdoor use and high-pressure water washing protection
Constant heat expansion and cold contraction pressure. Patented design balances the temperature and pressure difference between the machines internal working temperature and the external environment to ensure that the airtightness of the aviation obstacle warning light is not damaged.
●24 high-brightness SMD 1W LEDs
●Professional optical design ABS plating reflector
●High light transmission polycarbonate dome shade
High temperature resistance, impact resistance, earthquake resistance, precision polishing mold forming can effectively increase the light intensity of 250cd(0°~JSC Average), in line with the International Civil Aviation ICAO low light intensity standard
●LED aluminum circuit board
●LED aluminum alloy heat sink
●Anti-corrosion aluminum alloy base
The modular overall structure design ensures the maximum heat dissipation of the warning light, and the electronic components are not affected by high temperature
Built-in GPS signal synchronization, that is, unrestricted station flashes synchronously, and realizes the warning display of the building body contour at night
Intelligent light control switch, start work at night, stop work during the day, the light sensor is placed on the top cover of the lamp to avoid the influence of external light
Stainless steel mounting bracket, IZOD notch impact strength: 90
Built-in reverse polarity protection circuit to avoid the use of bad damage warning lights
Built-in LED constant current and constant voltage protection circuit to prevent poor LED thermal characteristics
Built-in load-dump pulse voltage simulation protection circuit to prevent the car pulse voltage from damaging the warning light
Low-intensity obstacle lights are used alone when the height of the obstacle is less than 45 meters. When the building is higher than 45 meters, it can be used in conjunction with other higher-brightness aviation obstruction lights
Widely used in high-rise buildings, iron towers, chimneys, bridges, port machinery, construction machinery, wind turbines, etc.

Type of light source
24X1W high brightness LED
Maximum power consumption
Light intensity(cd/eff)
U8°-V:       70<J<600
H-V(0°):     100<J<700
D8°-V:        70<J<600
Normal flash frequency
(20-60) times/min adjustable (civil aviation standard) GPS clock module flashes synchronously
Luminous color
Red, yellow, green, blue, white (for choice)
Reference standard
Civil Aviation Administration of China MH/T 6012-2015, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and FAA AC 150/5345-43 standards
Inner lens
Special optical design of hybrid wide-angle mirror
Die-cast aluminum alloy base (ADC12) + aluminum alloy heat dissipation column + aluminum base PCB board + PC lampshade
Waterproof level
100% IP69K(100KPa)
Anti-fog technology
100% nitrogen filled
Intelligent light control switch
0-300LX adjustable (automatic day off and night on)
Ambient temperature
-40°C~ +70°C
Warranty period
3 years
Working humidity
10% ~ 95%
Wind resistance
Operating Voltage



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