Rotating Beacon Light
Rotating Beacon Light
Rotating Beacon Light
Rotating Beacon Light

Rotating Beacon Light


●Fully sealed, vacuum, filled with nitrogen
●Patented design of pressure relief valve
●IP69K waterproof rating
●24 high-brightness 1 watt LEDs
●Professional optical design ABS plating reflector
●High transmittance polycarbonate protection dome
●ECE R65 SAEJ845 Class1 international Light Intensity Standard
●LED aluminum circuit board
●Heat dissipation aluminum alloy radiator
●Heat dissipation aluminum alloy base
International universal cigarette lighter power connection plug, nylon flexible bracket
●Built-in reverse polarity, LED constant current, wide voltage and load-dump pulse voltage protection circuit

HIGH QUALITY - The beacon lights is made of durable ABS material plating reflector 、crystal clear PC mask、LED aluminum circuit board and heat dissipation aluminum alloy base, which is impact and corrosion resistant, service life up to 8000 hours. The patented design of temperature-generated air pressure release ensures reliable sealing, Waterproof IP69K rating can be easily used in rain and snow.

SUPER VISIBILITY - The beacon lights use 48pcs 0.5W high intensity LED chips and electroplated optical transmitter, the 360 degree coverage is fully illuminated from all angles to maximize light output and ensure more effective warning of other vehicles. Bright amber beacon lights for vehicles is easily seen in rain, fog and snow, visible during the day and night. Compliant with ECE R65 SAEJ845 Class1 standard

FLASH MODES - The beacon lights has seven able flash modes, including single flash, double flash, triple flash, slow rotation, fast rotation, etc(optional)

EASY TO INSTALL - The beacon lights with international universal cigarette lighter power connection plug, nylon flexible bracket, you just put the emergency beacon on the pipe and its ready. Flexible pipe socket with shock absorbing.

WIDE APPLICATION - The beacon warning light free operating voltage DC11-32V;convenient and fast installation in foragriculture equipment vehicles, school bus, trucks, forklifts, street sprinklers, construction vehicles, UTV, ambulances etc safety hazard warning.

IP69K Waterproof Car Warning Light
Model DF-J-LY24-DM
Maximum power consumption
Light source type
48X0.5W high brightness LED
Waterproof rating
100% IP69K(100KPa)
Anti-fog technology
100% nitrogen filling
Thermal pressure relief process
Stainless steel waterproof breathable valve
Warning light color:
Die-cast aluminum alloy base (ADC12) + aluminum alloy heat dissipation column + aluminum base PCB board + PC lampshade
Precision molded Fresnel lens material
Alarm mode
Double blinking fixed mode
Amber colorimetric specifications
Light intensity(cd/eff)
U8°-V:       70<J<600
H-V(0°):     100<J<700
D8°-V:        70<J<600
Flash frequency
2 Hz ≤F ≤ 4 Hz
International quality standards
ECE R65/ R10(EMC)
Installation method
International universal cigarette lighter interface
Anti-vibration level
Warranty time
3 years
Working temperature
-40℃ to +65℃
Operating voltage range
Specifications and dimensions
190(H) x118(D) mm

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