Fire Truck & Ambulance

HD Radar Sensor Vehicle Monitoring System

Vision Solutions 1:HD Radar Sensor Vehicle Monitoring System

HD Monitor
It adopts 7-inch 1024x600 resolution LCD screen, and the shell is made of high-temperature resistant ABS+PC material
Support 2 camera signal input (AHD1080P/720P/CVBS)
The backlight has a built-in constant voltage and constant current circuit protection design, and the service life is relatively prolonged
Set the AHD1/AHD2 channel screen to mirror left and right, flip up and down
Complete and compact structure design, earthquake resistance level conforms to GB/T 2423.10-2008 standard
HD Camera
Car camera adopts 1/3 SONY DSP
Video output (AHD 1080P), excellent overall performance, clear picture quality, high color reproduction
The camera adopts nitrogen filling process, waterproof grade IP69K, seismic grade 10G
AHD Radar Host
Vehicle-grade radar host detection range 0-5 meters
Working voltage DC24V
The radar host adopts high-precision ultrasonic probe, anti-interference, anti-vibration and waterproof